Cost Per Sale (CPS)

CPS - A buyer's market. CGBTY knows how to promote your business and get the most out of it.


Our Cost Per Sale Service is every successful agency secret metrics

The top affiliate marketing company that offers services to publishers and marketers is ADOTAY. Because it offers a higher return on investment and enhanced brand value to both parties, cost per sale services are the most profitable.

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Localize Content

To boost sales, our specialists create distinctive localized content strategies.

Advance Tech Models

To increase sales, we employ the newest cutting-edge marketing models.

Quality Sales

To increase quality sales, we examine customer behavior.

Catch High ROI

Our CPS campaigns increase the value of your brand and generate amazing sales with a great return on investment.

1. Cost Per Sale Facebook Ads

CPS Facebook advertising are an effective means of boosting revenue.

2. Cost Per Sale Google Ads

CPS Google advertisements increase revenue by focusing on a worldwide audience.

3. Cost Per Sale Services agency

To boost sales, ADOTAY aims to attract the intended, genuine buyer.

Your brand gets a major boost and sales are increased by our cost per sale agency.

  • Performance

    100 %
  • Brand values

    80 %
  • Sales

    85 %
  • Revenue

    90 %

Your brand deserves limitless profit with the CPS service that we provide

We offer low-risk, high-performance cost-per-sale affiliate marketing strategies to help you acquire more new, paying clients. Our classic marketing strategy, the cost per sale service, generates significant income for our partners.

  • Set strategic goals for your service or product.

  • Test Timely to see how effective your promotion is.

  • Create multi-channel marketing strategies for your goods or services.

  • Our group oversees swift changes for effective campaigns.


The most trusted affiliate marketing agency for Cost Per Sale Services.