Cost Per Installation (CPI)

Are you prepared to take the installation of your mobile apps to the next level?


Meet Your Marketing Goals With Our Strategy

Installing mobile applications is heavily influenced by cost per install. You might be able to get all the mobile advertising you need from ADOTAY. You get there with our innovative approach and up-to-date, tested technologies.

More Details

Our group specializes in creative, unconventional approaches to marketing.


Our updated tools make sure that the largest amount of people see your ad.


Our advertisements attract targeted clients.

Better Ranking

We ensure that your app appears at the top of the play store with our marketing techniques.

1. Cost Per Sale Facebook Ads

Facebook CPS advertisements are an effective approach to boost revenue.

2. Cost Per Sale Google Ads

CPS Google advertisements increase revenue by focusing on a worldwide audience.

3. Cost Per Sale Services agency

To boost sales, we at ADOTAY attract the intended genuine buyer.

ADOTAY aims to deliver quality results with maximum ROI.

  • Performance

    100 %
  • Brand values

    80 %
  • Sales

    85 %
  • Revenue

    90 %

We make your spending stress-free for you to have the perfect control.

We target your special niche audience and with our advanced tracking tools we measure the audience's interest towards the app and make sure that the amount you spend is directed towards guaranteed installations.

  • Fraud detection and forward movement

  • Tools for CPI campaigns that drive goals.

  • Use innovative advertising to increase engagements.

  • worldwide database of actual users and gadgets.


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